stock exchange of visions / design / future / installation / interactive / interview / video

Stock Exchange of Visions: video interviews, interactive videoinstallation and website, Treviso/Paris 2006. The 'Stock Exchange of Visions' invites visitors to become aware of the future of the planet. The public can see and hear a series of interviews with artists, scientists, sociologists and futurologists. Using the footboard as a navigation tool one can choose the issues they are most interested in. A specific software registers all of the choices, charts the topics and shows the results.
The installation was connected live to a website (*2006, †2011),where visitors would influence the 'value' of topics and speaker´s ideas.The project was part of FABRICA´s exhibition »Les Yeux Ouverts« at Centre Pompidou in octobre'06 which later travelled to Triennale di Milano and Shanghai Art Museum.

author: Gregor Kuschmirz (concept, direction, edit until december 2006)
contributors: Alfio Pozzoni (project management), Paolo Jannuzzi (content management, editing), Stefano Bergonzini (project coordination), Guillermo Rivero (interviews), Marian Grabmayer (design), Jin Lee (animations), Enrique R. Grullon, Dario Boschiero (programming), Giorgio Collodet (hardware executive);
participating visioneers: (until octobre 2006): Eva Mattes, Joep van Lieshout, Ignacio Ramonet, Alberto Alesina, Amy Franceschini, Norihiko Dan, Jared Braiterman, Bruce Mau, Vandana Shiva, Salvatore Veca, Ervin Laszlo, Richard A. Slaughter, Alan Burdick, Alan Cooper, Wallace Nichols, Julie Lasky, Enzo Tiezzi, Jing Xing, Franco Mattes, Godfrey Reggio, Nima Arkani-Hamed;

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